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Le CH Toul



The Center Hospitalier de Toul is a public health establishment with 365 beds and places spread over 3 sites:
Saint Charles Hospital (short stay and SSR)
The Chanoine Rion Residence (geriatrics)
The Residence Les Ombelles (geriatrics)


Saint Charles site

ombelles 2.jpg

Residence les Ombelles


Residence Chanoine Rion

School project 2018-2022

The Establishment Project, developed collectively, is both an instrument for transforming management methods and a lever for the development of the healthcare offer in order to help the hospital to better fulfill its missions.

Based on a situation diagnosis, the establishment's medico-nursing project is based on the choice of objectives and coherent actions and the definition of the means to be implemented to respond to the problems identified.

The medical-care project is based on six ambitions: By 2022, the CH Toul wishes:

1) take care of women in vulnerable situations in a more coordinated and effective manner, by strengthening the circle of trust and benevolence with all stakeholders

2) be a recognized player in the region, providing a complementary response to existing solutions in the care of diabetic patients

3) develop geriatric culture in order to guarantee a medico-psycho-social course adapted to the elderly in fragile situation in the territory

4) consolidate its offer of care and offer medico-social and health support adapted to any dependent elderly person and / or with loss of autonomy, regardless of their disability, physical, mental or psychic

5) improve coordination within the cancer-digestive sector with specialized centers and the city by developing the quality of the patient journey, from screening to convalescence (or end of life)

6) improve the coordination of psychiatric care pathways, with the Nancy - Laxou CP.

GHT Sud Lorraine (GHT 7)

11 établissements publics de santé composent le Groupement Hospitalier de Territoire Sud Lorraine (GHT 7) comme arrêté par l’ARS Grand Est le 1er juillet 2016. Le CHRU de Nancy, établissement support du GHT 7,  les Centres Hospitaliers de Toul, Commercy, Lunéville, 3H Santé à Cirey, Pont-à-MoussonPompey-Lay-Saint-Christophe, Saint Nicolas de Port, l’Hôpital de Dieuze, le Centre Psychothérapique de Nancy Laxou, Ravenel (Mirecourt) et l’Institut de Cancérologie de Lorraine en qualité de membre associé.

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